Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 299---Saturday

It's our church fall festival, and here's the sack race. The boy who's not my kid won this heat! It was a beautiful fall day here.

Day 298---Friday

B and I killed some time between school pick-ups by playing at the park. It's cheaper than going to McDonald's! (And less calories) B gets out at 2:45 and J gets out at 3:40. Ug! It's time during my day I can't get anything done, and we just have to waste time, mostly. I like going to the park now that it is cooler! ;-)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 297---Thursday

Since we did letter I this week, we made ice cream. Everyone took a turn stirring!

It also was orange day at school!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 296---Wednesday

I wanted to show this easy, fun activity from my classroom. We put bubble wrap on the easel and painted it. Then we put a piece of construction paper on top of it, and made a print. The cool thing this month is, we're focusing on circles, and it makes circle prints. You can see the end results hanging on the board behind this student.

This little girl spent a long time painting the bubble wrap, painting every circle before she printed onto her paper. She has a pretty ponytail, I think!

Day 295---Tuesday

This one I like because there is such a genuine expression on each of their faces. J has a mouthful of chicken McNuggets. B has a blue tongue for some reason!, and her head was in motion, laughing.

Day 294---Monday

Monday night, B slept with 9 braids in her hair so she could have "crazy hair" for school the next day. It was "Scare off Drugs" day at school. We didn't get a picture of it the next day. :-( We just let out the braids and pulled it out of her face. Kinda frizzy! But fun and cute (not scary to me!).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 293---Sunday

Whew! I just did more than a week of pictures!!

Today I got to go to Larry's show with BV Troupe. It was a grown-up/Theater High production of Carol Burnett sketches and songs from some of the guests that were on her showat some time.

Larry did no singing, but he was in 3 skits. This was this most memorable character. He played "Gaylord" a character that Harvey Korman did. You can guess what he was like by the name and by his costume! It was in a recurring CB skit called "As the Stomach Turns."

That is my dress on the girl on the left---I bought it for a 70s party before I had kids.

I took this photo with no flash!

Day 292---Saturday

B would love to have a little sister. So we have to borrow them form others. This little one is the daughter of one of my co-workers.

Today was our school's benefit Lunch/Golf tourney/Silent and Live Auction. My pre-school was raising some good money this way! I was designated the face painter. It was fun, and a beautiful day.

Day 291---Friday

This was really Saturday--but I have more for Saturday!

b and I made some brownies and she's licking the bowl. The shower cap was her idea.

Day 290---Thursday

J took this one of himself taking a picture of a mirror. He was pleased with the result!

Day 289---Wednesday

This was just a weird moment at school---they were each taking something from their lunch and putting it on their heads. One boy put the ham from his sandwich on his hair! Had to stop that.

Day 288---Tuesday

We got a class pet on Tuesday. We took a vote, and her name is displayed there on the cage. Pictures of her later! She's getting used to us now---she runs very fast!

Day 287---Monday

B and I went to McDonald's this week. We are drawn there by the Monopoly game, and she's pulling off a game piece right there. In the foreground is B's story about Ru-du, a mouse.

Day 286---Sunday

This picture came out just like I wanted it to. I wanted to show the view out the front window of the house we were sharing for the retreat. Not that it's super-spectacular, but you can see how it's out in the country and the sky was beautiful. It was a great retreat from the real world for a while!
Also I have to mention that our devotionals were really great, too. I felt like I learned a lot I could take back and put into motion in my life.

Day 285---Saturday

I could have posted a bunch of different pictures for this day, but I plan on a post on the other blog about this. Sometime I'll get to it!

This metal guy was in a window of a shop in Fredericksberg. I just really liked him!

Day 284---Friday

This is where I was on this Friday night for 4 hours. Ug. I was on my way to the Ladies' Retreat with two other ladies, and the car broke down (not mine!). We waited for the replacement car to come from home via the husband and his trailer. Then we went on to Fredericksberg, arriving at 12:30 that night. Whew!

Thank goodness it was a fairly nice place with an indoor seating area for a little cafe (closed). We could buy anything we needed (at convienience-store prices!). We all three ate fudgecicles. Yum!

Day 283---Thursday

In my class, I've found something that works well. I want the kids to visit all my centers I've laid out, so I started making a list of jobs. If they do them all, they get a sticker. Some kids are really into it! I always draw little pictures to the side to show what I mean with my words. Here are 3 of my students using the system!
The list says:
*Make pumpkin book
*Make E with playdoh
*alphabet cards
*do a puzzle
*write a fall word (I have a list in the writing center and I just want them to do their best and attempt)

Day 282---Wednesday

I just put my camera down on the computer desk, and the screen was still lit up. I thought, maybe this is an interesting picture. You cna see the monitor, our pencil cup, a pencil pointing right at you, a computer cord for the camera, a bottle of bubbles from a wedding, a sunflower coaster, a wooden block, a birthday card, and a tin of Altoids gum.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day 281---Tuesday

I hope my friend P will not be upset for posting the picture!! It's a long story, but this dress isn't hers, but it was her size and she had to try it on at work! I kinda cought her face in a funny angle, but it's beautiful on her!

Day 280---Monday

I wanted to have a picture of B on school picture day. I didn't get one in the morning, but here's one of her helping me make dinner. She said her class got rained on right before they went for pictures! I told her it was a good thing she wore braids!

Do you like her outfit? It's a sort of jumper dress that she wears with leggings. We went all over trying to find just the right thing for picture day----it had to be $20. I ended up getting the dress and leggings for about $23.

Not only was it picture day, but also, B was turning in her project. Also, when we got to school, everyone was outside---apparently at a before school fire drill? The alarms were going off. I was hesitant to just leave her, but she hopped right out of the car. I am just not sure it was a drill----I wonder what was really going on?

Day 279---Sunday

This is the weekend I taught B to use a hot glue gun. With close supervision! She kinda had to talk me into that.
She is making her costume for her Island of the Blue Dolphins project. She read this book this summer, and then they read it in class together. She had to pick one of the most expensive and difficult projects---making a costume. She could have out fitted a doll---but no, she had to do make a whole costume! I can't resist helping her create her vision!

Day 278---Saturday

We went to the museum this afternoon for a free exhibit outside about Pioneer days. This stagecoach is used by an Inn in a neighboring town, pulled by two draft horses. B really liked this and got in there twice!
Here are a couple of other shots I really liked. In the first one, B and J are watching a archaeologist make an arrowhead---in only 20 minutes, B would tell you. She loved sitting there watching him flake the rock away. She's a rock girl. :-)
The other picture is just a wagon, in the green of the park around the museum. It just looked so picturesque sitting there.

Day 277---Friday

I got a pumpkin today. I have been hearing that the pumpkin crop is not very good this year, and if you want one at all, you better get it early. So here's my choice! This news may really be true---there wasn't much of a selection at the big grocery store.

I love it's color and nice round shape.

Day 276---Thursday

It's our day for the fire fighters to visit school. This is my class, listening to the firefighter talk about the tools they have on the truck. One of my students said that fire fighters didn't need a broom. The fire fighter set him straight, explaining about the sweeping they do if there's a car wreck. This is always a fun day the kids and adults look forward to.

Day 275---Wednesday

These two girls are working together. I love how dirty their shirts are. Some kids get upset by a dirty shirt, so I always tell them that a dirty shirt just means you are having a good day. Paint, a little water (from washing hands, maybe? or the water table), a little bit of crumbs from snack---it all adds up to a good day.

I also love that theya re working together. Together is the hard part they are learning a tthis age. :-)

Day 274---Tuesday

I like this picture because these girls are writing and creating. If you know me, you'll know that alphabet is my own handwriting. And the lable "The Paper Table" is a sign B made when I first got that piece of furniture.

Day 273---Monday

These are leaves we painted at school for the bulletin board. The color of the month is orange, so I set out yellow and red paint today to paint with---which will turn orange when mixed. :-)

Day 272---Sunday

I sat at a railroad crossing and thought the lines in this view were interesting. Many newer parts of town don't mess up the view with all these power lines---I suppose they are underground----but this is literally looking over to the "wrong side of the tracks."

Day 271---Saturday

This has a little glass glare as I took it out the front door. B loves this outfit---thanks, GeeGee!---and had to wear it the morning after the slumber party. The girls were outside eating fruit on the step.

Day 270---Friday

This is definitely my favorite picture of the night. If you read my other blog, this one's already been blogged about! :-) It's B's big birthday bash.

Day 269--Thursday

Here are some kids at the top of the slide.

Day 268---Wednesday

This is just the mantle. I still love these two pieces---I've had them for a while! The clock was L's Dad's parents, and he remembered them bringing it home when he was 5---in 1924. The angel was a gift from B. I know I've posted these this year already!

Day 267---Tuesday

We pulled this out to use at the slumber party on Friday. Can you tell it's a beanbag chair? It has been living in our garage, 'cause I think it takes up too much room. But B loves it. :-) I had to get it out for a treat.

Day 266---Monday

B's Birthday!I was at work most of my day. This is some "blow painting" with watered down tempra. It's supposed to look something like fireworks.

Day 265---Sunday

This really happened on Monday---B's birthday. Nine spanks, plus one to grow on!
I am really behind posting, and I'm going to catch up! Some of them may be not exactly on THE day, but I'm posting what I like. :-)