Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 264---Saturday

This is B's doorframe. Yes, her dress is hanging up by her door. I didn't get all the stuff out of the background! B has grown 1 and three-quarters inches in the last 13 months. Not a slight growth, but she's totally been outdone by J.

Day 263---Friday

We measured the kids this weekend. Can you see this door frame? This is J's measuring chart. We measured the kids last Aug. 2006, and then here in Sept. 2007. Can you see how far apart those lines are for J? It's 5 inches. He's officially taller than me now.

Day 262---Thursday

This also isn't the best shot, but it's anonymous shot. It's Blue Day at school, and we were having a "I love the USA" parade.

Day 261---Wednesday

You might see other pictures from last spring just like this, but with different kids! There's something o fun about that sand tire.

I had another one I really liked more, but I thougth it showed the little guy's face too much. I'm working at not revealing too much of my class, just in case.

Day 260---Tuesday

These little girls were helping each other swing. These girls are three. Sweet!

Day 259---Tuesday

B was doing a little knitting again. She had her hair braided and took it out for the wavy effect.

Day 258---Monday

My friend Penny says these are banana spiders. They are all over the neighborhood making webs from tree branches down to the ground. The good news is, they eat our mosquitos!

Day 257---Sunday

Larry took this one. Angel had a squirrel up the tree she thought she'd get.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Contest for us photographers

I thought I'd post about a "project" I saw on Snapfish. It's called America at Home: A Closeup Look at How We Live. Click that link to find out about it yourself. I thought I might at least use their themes for my days this week for the photo blog.

Monday---The Big Tour
Tuesday----Morning Rush
Wednesday---Mid-day Madness
Thursday---Dinner Time
Friday---Your Sanctuary
Saturday---Home Treasures
Sunday---Bedtime Rituals

Now, the only compensation you'll get for winning is a free copy of the book, unless your photo is chosen for the cover. The contest starts on Monday the 17th, and you can get your photos in until Midnight Sept. 25th. I think you can submit 31 photos.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day 256---Saturday

J will start working on Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. with his theater group this fall. He knows my favorite number is 3, so he pulled me in his room one night to listen to his tape of this song. I brushed up on my three times table just listening to it. :-)

Day 255---Friday

We met with our daughters to plan out a bit for the coming Girl Scout year. We were at the library where they could go get books and we could whisper at one of the tables. Not at this little short table, though! The girls are going to bridge up to Junior Girl Scouts this fall.

Day 254---Thursday

I took this out my windshield while at a stoplight. I am always thrilled to go down to the coast and see palm trees everywhere---it's so tropical and foreign and exotic to me. (Growing up in TN, I never was around any!) But these are in my town, a hundred miles inland. They make me happy here, too.

Day 253---Wednesday

I don't usually get the "extra" things when a store says, "Buy a bunch of stuff and get this almost free!" But this time, as our school-wide theme is "Wild About Jesus" and I was getting $30 of stuff anyway, I bought this bag for $5. It's fun! It's Bath and Body Works, if you're interested. :-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 252---Tuesday

This afternoon B asked me to catch her in mid-air on a jump. I did it!
I also took 30 seconds of video if her jumping from stump to stump, per her request.

Day 251---Monday

A little more rain, and here come the mushrooms again.

Day 250---Sunday

This is not brilliant, either, but it's my parents!
B is in the foreground on their computer.

And here's what everyone else was doing at the time.

Day 249---Saturday

I didn't take many pictures at Mom and dad's, but this is one of their remodeled living room/kitchen. I thought the morning light lit up the "breakfast nook" (?) area nicely. I couldn't take any pictures that my Dad had not taken already, really!

Day 248---Friday

This is one thing we saw in Valley Mills, Tx, when I was driving to my Mom and Dad's. You have to stop for stuff like this!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Day 247---Thursday

Here's more fun in my class. I love how stuff from all areas of my room is gathered here in my circle time area.
I hope I can take pictures of other things now that school's back in session---I am so happy to be back at school doing something I enjoy and I am good at. Four-year-olds are great. :-)
I am also finding it hard to get on the computer for any length of time during this school week! ;-) I need some adjustments and some smoothing out of the schedule.

Day 246---Wednesday

Here's my science table---we have a cool Kaleidoscope!

Day 245---Tuesday

I've decided to only post pictures where the kids in my care are anonymous---and this is the only shot I took on this first day of school in which I got a kid without showing her face!

This is my "home center" area, and this little girl was saying "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" while waving her wand. I suppose she was the Fairy Godmother!

We had a great first day!

Day 244---Monday

This church under construction is one of the tallest things around town. I was topping over a hill and saw it in the distance today. Something was creepy about it in shadow like it is. It looked kind of Gothic. I decided to stop and get a picture, and snapped this before the sun shone on the building, which brightened it up and made it look cheery again.
This place is HUGE! And I thought the building they had was already huge, but this is ginormous, as B would say.

Day 243---Sunday

B and I finally got to make the cake for daddy. No, he's not 83, but it made for a funny picture! It was a lemon cake made into a lemonade cake (instructions on the box). All you do extra is mix half a can of lemonade concentrate with half a cup of powdered sugar and pour it over the warm cake after it's baked. It makes the cake de-licious!!!

Day 242---Saturday

I don't know why these are in our backyard, but they popped up overnight! This image inspired B to write a story about some characters who live in a mushroom. (For Homework) She thought she could see a window on the stem of the one on the left.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 241---Friday

This is the front of B's school, where I went for lunch today. I won't have very many days I can go eat up at the kids' schools this school year, so I thought I'd take advantage of it. See all those portable classrooms to the right? B is in one of these this year while they build on a whole new wing. There isn't just one row of classrooms---it's two rows---about 15 classrooms, I think!

Day 240---Thursday

It's Larry's birthday! We went out to TGI Friday's for dinner. B took this picture, really. :-)

Day 239---Wednesday

While waiting for J in the car-riders line . . .

Day 238---Tuesday

She's not happy!