Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Photo 24

Today I went with B to the fire station. They were kind enough to put the ladder truck out and put the ladder all the way up---95 feet. Two Moms went up. I have no regrets that neither of the Moms was me. B was with members of the Dream Team at school---a group that is community conscious and trying to make the world a better place. (3rd graders and 1st graders.)

Today B is 9 and 7 twelfths years old. ;-) J's half birthday---coming up in a week!

April Photo 23

I've been adding on the activity patches on the back of B's Girl Scout vest. These are not the ones she earns---those go on the front, and they're small round ones. We have a few more patches coming for activities this year.

And why did I start putting them on on the bottom? Because (being a girl), her hair covers up the patches when they're up on her shoulders. It's all about the look.

April Photo 22

This girl in my class is striking a pose---unexpected, but it's totally her! ;-)

April Photo 21

This is the best of the bunch!

I took B out to do bluebonnet pictures, very late in the season, I add, and the other wildflowers were very nice, too. I love how her hair took flight in the wind.

The bluebonnets---a bit dried up, and the grass has now grown so tall they cover up al their glorious blue.

April Photo 20

Saturday night there was a Daddy-daughter Luau for the Girl Scouts at the Kappa Delta house. Larry was a good sport and took her, after we'd been on campus all day doing the badge fest. Larry shaved off his beard and mustache!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April Photo 19

I picked this one for today's photo because it's one of the few I took only for the look of the photo, not who or what was in it. I took two Girl Scouts to the Scouting Out A&M event this Saturday, and this is on campus. I love walking through this part of campus with the beautiful trees. I'm adding the other photos of that day on another post on my other blog.

April Photo 18

It's softball night, and the Blast lost again. :-( This is B's second at bat, and this particular shot was foul. I was glad she was making contact with the ball. Small victories. She got an RBI (the only score of the game) a couple of pitches later, but was tagged out before she got to first base.

April Photo 17

This rabbit has been grazing in our yard. I shot this through the window and with a zoom.

April Photo 16

This student of mine (and her Mom) made this birthday cake for me for my birthday on the 16th.

April Photo 15

What the kids are reading today:
B: Pippi Calzaslargas
(Pippi Longstockings in Spanish; unfortunately, this one turned out to be too hard for her in Spanish, so she switched books later in the week.)
J: Loser by Jerry Spinelli
(J can see a lot of parallels to his own school experience in the life of the main character in this book. I can only hope that the point of the book is that he's really not a loser, and the kids will appreciate him---as I hope for my J as well.)

Friday, April 18, 2008

April Photo 14

T his dinner was colorful (and I hadn't taken a photo yet that day!), I had to photograph it. I used a recipe off the bottle of General Tso's Sauce, and it was delicious. The kids even liked it!

April Photo 13

A big bunch of fluffy stuff was in an old flower pot on the deck. I went over to move it, and I realized it looked like a nest, with a hole for an opening. When I looked inside, this is what I saw. Isn't that cool?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Photo 12

Saturday was all about the softball.
Larry and B are in orange, on the left.
Once again, it was a cool morning for opening day at our little league park. All the teams marched out to the announcement of their team managers, coaches, and team Moms. And then all those kids sat on the field while they had the drawings for the raffle tickets the kids sold. Whew!

April Photo 11

I saw this while driving in our downtown area near the library. I always thought bluebonnets liked hillsides, but apparently they can grow just about everywhere!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April Photo 10

I took this of a spider in our school garden today. (Sorry, Granny! I know you don't like them.) At least he was outside and not in. Aren't those bean plants healthy looking? Next week I think I'm going to thin out our plants.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April Photo 9

Last week we made steppong stones with the kids and this week we placed them in the garden. Now our garden is much more accessible. I was surprised we had to explain that the stones were for stepping on----not on the plants! They just wanted to jump right on the plants when they were on the stones. Ug! I think we'll get them trained, though.

To the left is my class's corn we planted. We also have beans and carrots and flowers.

April Photo 8

Here's B's uniform for this softball season. They had their first game tonight---and lost. :-(
But she's cute!

April Photo 7

This is one more from the show. This scene is Extreme Sports and these guys are sportscasters reacting to some bad fall or something.

April Photo 6

J had a show this weekend called Channel Surfing. This is a scene called OCPOCK (Overly Committed Parents with Overly Committed Kids). These are the parents---and J's character is really on edge!

But I am mostly just freaked out that I have a child here who is starting to look like an actual teenager.

April Photo 5

This was a success! This is dinner #2 from chicken cooked in a crock pot. (The first was the chicken that night, then the third was a chicken taco soup.) Also this is significant because the casserole dish is a birthday gift from my dad. Thanks, Dad! I love it! You know me!

April Photo 4

Here is one more from the sleepover! These girls are all 3rd graders.

April Photo 3

I like this picture even though it's a different! I was helping at a sleepover for our Girl Scouts. We finished up a cooking badge, cooking afterschool snack, dinner, and breakfast.

April Photo 2

Today we made the girls pick up trash at a nearby park during the second part of the GS meeting. They didn't really like that! But the weather was beautiful and it was good to be outside.

April Photo 1

April Fools!
This was a snack at school today. The other 4s teacher and I switched places on this day. I was in her class with her students and she was in mine. It was kinda hard on me, but it was fun!