Thursday, May 29, 2008

May Photo 29

Here are the last day of school pictures!
We're done for the year!
Goodbye, 6th grade, hello, 7th!
Goodbye 3rd grade, hello, 4th!

I also today got my offer for a contract to work at a new school! I'll blog about that on the main blog later. B wants me to go help her with a 1000-piece puzzle.

May Photo 28

Our final Girl Scout meeting was a party day we had at the park. The girls planned it themselves. B's contribution was a silly Karate exercise class. (She does not know karate at all. This was not my idea and I wouldn't have approved it! But whatever---they had fun.) Here, one of the girls showed the others how to make a balloon dog.

May Photo 27

Here's the sun tea pitcher I picked out because of the design. B and i want to keep the tea flowing! But this one was leaking---in the fridge!----so I will take it back and get the one that was a dollar more and made of glass.

May Photo 26

Here's a photo that shows where we were set up for the concert on the steps. It was really nice. We brought a blanket and two camp chairs. I was longing for Shakespeare in the Park (Fort Worth). Lar and I used to love that. Or I did. :-)

May Photo 25

J had a band concert outdoors this week---it was worth two test grades. Can you see J standing up?

May Photo 24

Here's bouquet one of my students gave me. I wanted to get a picture before it all went bad. I had to take out the beautiful sunflowers before I got to the photo.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Photo 23

I'm posting this a day ahead of the date---photo 23 on day 22. But I've just had some good photos lately. Since that weekend, I've barely even picked up a camera.

This is at my parents' house, and B got to visit with her cousins---who were in TX from Utah. I wanted to pick a photo of the day with all three of them in it.

May Photo 22

This trip was so good, I thought it deserved at least a week's worth of photos! I took over 150, so this is whittled down to the best ones, I think.

To end this photographic adventure, I'll show you some of the animals we saw. The girl will probably remember the zebra who kind of snapped at us and the ostrich who came in the car with his neck, grabbed our animal food bag (almost empty, anyway!), and then left the vehicle with the bag on his head. It was too funny---after we got over the fright!

May Photo 21

This was most of our group looking for a certain type of chicken. I don't think we ever saw one! I really like these girls! :-)

May Photo 20

On the hike part of the day, we had binoculars and magnifying glasses. A Closer Look around our surroundings. :-)

May Photo 19

I really like how this photo turned out! This was in one of the educational rooms I *think* this is a rhino skull.

May Photo 18

Part of Fossil Rim is a petting zoo. We were able to brush the animals in there---and they loved it! I love the tenderness of this girl with this animal.

May Photo 17

At breakfast time, we ate alongside the Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park. On the other side, there are dinosaur footprints, although with the water so high, it was hard to find them this morning. Nothing like a dunk in the water to get the morning going! Most everyone had wet pants when they got back across!

May Photo 16

This was the best photo I took---and almost the only one I took that day. We traveled with the Girl Scouts to Fossil Rim Wildlife Ranch near Glen Rose TX. When we got there, we were greeted with a fantastic sunset that Lis made sure we got a photo with.

May Photo 15

I ended up using 3 photos from Water Day--- This was one of the main attractions. The kids loved sliding on this big water slide. Kudos to the teacher who stayed at the top of the slide all day!

May Photo 14

This little cutie got cold when she ate her snowcone!

May Photo 13

We had Water Day this week, and since it's such a great photo op, I'm going to use several of my "days" to present my favorite photos of that day.
This is the station where we had shaving cream (no toddlers allowed!). Was this fun?

May Photo 12

There were two rabbits in the yard, munching on the grass. They were on to me, though---that one is giving me a wary eye.

May Photo 11

Took this outside J's school one evening. Beauty!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May Photo 10

Here is what J won off the radio. For me! He called in on Tuesday in the "mad dash for Mom" where he had to slam a door, turn up the TV, and flush a toilet in 30 seconds. He did it in 13! ;-) He won a large pizza for his efforts. Then he and the other winners were put in a drawing for this package.

Included was this Paka Bear---a bear made of alpaca fur. They say on the website that it's the softest bear ever---and really, I believe it! Now I know why those people seem so crazy for alpacas on the commercials. Check out their website! This bear was a big one, about $90. Wow!!

The other thing was worth $185!! It's a spa day with pedicure, facial, massage, and wine. wooHoo!! Can you believe he won that?

May Photo 9

Here's the only picture I took today! This is an earring of B's She can only wear her "fun" earrings for a short while, even if they're the sensitive version. She bought this set with her own money.

May Photo 8

Here is J getting his certificate for joining the National Junior Honor Society. It's blurry---you know how it is from a crowd.

May Photo 7

B and I went shopping this day---a little for my Mom, a little something for father's day as well. B found something there that she thought I would like. I gave her a little cash and she went up to the front to buy it without me looking. She couldn't wait for Mother's Day, so I opened it early. And here it is with the first growth! It's called a grass head, and should have a full hed of hair pretty soon.

May Photo 6

We are getting ready for the end of year program, and here are all the kids on one stage, as we will do on Program Night. We will have risers for the kids in the back (my class!) to stand on.

May Photo 5

Here are the prizes B got for selling cookies. This is a long time to wait for selling cookies in January and February!

May Photo 4

We had a fish fry after Sunday night services. Our church has been having a Fellowship Meal after services once a month, and they're really well attended. I didn't have any real great photo that captured the essence of it all, but this one shows off one of the Moms expecting a baby very soon. She has 4 girls, and this one's going to be a boy!

May Photo 3

J in profile

Friday, May 2, 2008

May Photo 2

Tonight was the Girl Scouts Leader Appreciation Dinner for our area. We got a free dinner, but also our older Junior girls got recognized for their Bronze Award (the highest award at this level). That's what this picture is showing---the girls' recognition, with us 3 leaders standing behind. I didn't have much to do with their work, though! The parents of these girls in particular were the ones who supported them through their project development and follow-through. Their project was helping at the animal shelter.

May Photo 1

I was in the yard taking pictures of some baby birds (who didn't have the sense to run away form me or the dog! So I got really close to them), and I got this really good one of a squirrel on the fence. Look at the focus on him and not on the background! Auto setting worked great this time.

Here are the other ones I took. These were all using my zoom, and then I cropped them, so it looks even closer. The blue jay was feeding his/her babies---stuffing stuff right in their mouths! Look how big they are and still depending on parents. But their baby feathers are still there, and like I said, they didn't know to run away---and they couldn't really fly much.

I had to go look up some info about the Jays---their sexes look alike, and their eggs are very similar to the ones I found and posted about in April photo 13.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

April Photo 30

J took this photo of me at the Girl Scout meeting. I'm holding the baby girl of one of our other leaders. I think she's made an appearance on this blog before!

Here's once, almost a year ago.
And look at that figurine behind me---Jesus holding a child. Whatever you do for one of the least of these . . .

April Photo 29

They didn't quite understand why we asked them to throw their grad caps in the air, but most of them followed direction anyway. This is my class plus the other 4s (pre-K) class. We have 27 kids graduationg out of Sonshine School and going on to Kindergarten.

April Photo 28

I am getting to my melancholy time of year. Happy with all we've done in class, but sad we'll soon be parting. I couldn't resist this photo---even if it does show their faces.

April Photo 27

Here's B with our Angel. B was brushing her in the back yard.

April Photo 26

I know I used this one on my other blog already, but I only took 2 shots that day!

April Photo 25

Another Friday night, another softball game. This is Larry, coaching first base. B is not the girl on first! I just liked the symmetry of their stances.