Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 24---Thursday (Janet's Birthday)

This was our Snow Day/Flashlight Day/Pajama Day at our school. We had a blast all day. This is during our "outside time" inside, where we had paper snowball fights. These children have never seen snow in their town. Never. we had an icy day last January, but that's as close as it's gotten.

It was their idea to get in these tubs and put paper on each other. They were in the bathtub taking a snow bath.

Day 23---Wednesday

I can't get a good photo of our fish. I need to play with different lighting, I guess!
Here we have Tangerine the pretty goldfish and somewhere in there is Panda---J'a fish, of course.
The 12 cent fish B bought already died. I think it may have been because of the water. Too bad B had named them already! :-( It was sad for her. They were so young . . .

Day 22---Tuesday

My artsy experiment---Zuzu

Day 21---Monday MLK day

B had to write an essay about Mairtin Luther King, Jr.'s life. And then she had to write one in Spanish. Tonight she finally wrote it on my bed, with her "children." I would have preferred she wrote it on saturday, but there's no time like "later" to write essays.

Day 20---Sunday

Spinach dip. Yummy!!
1 box frozen spinach
1 can Rotel Tomatoes
1 8 oz. block of cream cheese
some Velveeta (I don't know how much)

Heat it up.

Day 19---Saturday

Saturday B got her little red wagon and sold 20 boxes of cookies---the first day of GS cookie sales.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 18---Friday

This isn't the best picture of our J (on the far right with his head down), but it was a nice clear picture. Taken with no flash during his performance. They are playing a game called "Bus Driver" in which each person who gets on the bus has a certain characteristic, and then the whole bus "catches" whatever that one has. This was as a "sleepy" rider got on the bus---the driver just jerked his head up as he awoke really quickly!

J is in a new group called the Oxymorons, an improv comedy group. He just got old enough at age 12 to be in the group, and this was his first show with said group. J said on the way to the show that this was the first show he had been in where he didn't have to memorize any lines---and he had the least prepartion for it as well! He did well! Maybe I shold blog about more on the other blog.

Day 17---Thursday

I'm still trying to keep my little students anonymous, so here's the pic of the day---Happy Birthday! They all wanted to the lights off when I lit a candle for him to blow out.

Day 16---Wednesday

B got her Girl Scout cookies this week! This year, we had to guess how many cases we *thought* we'd sell, and then get them in time for the first sale day---9:00 am Saturday. This is our tradition (3rd year running) to make a cookie throne. Oh! I'll have to add our pictures from years past.

This one is Feb. 2006---20 cases sold that year! B was 7.

This last one is from last year. B loves her cookie throne! ;-) B was 8. I notice she's earing a white top and jeans or dark blue skort in each picture---that's because it is right after school, and this is her school uniform!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 15---Tuesday

There's no place like home . . .
Actually, it's school, and this was Black & White Day. We had lots of fun wearing zebra colors and making things that are black and white. These are some cool shoes one student wore.

Day 14---Monday

This was one of my students' lunches. His family is from Korea. The little pink things in the sushi---I think it's a piece of hot dog!

Day 13---Sunday

It's me!

Day 12---Saturday

I know it's lame, but this is our first load---all clean!

I promise, I'm not documenting all the loads we do! ;-)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 11--Friday

This has to be the picture of the day----the new dishwasher. It's not installed yet, but we have some calls out to some guys who can do it.

Day 10---Thursday

These are our creations from U Paint It. I'm really pleased with how my Mary Engelbreit-inspired bowl came out!

Day 9---Wednesday

Here's J after an afternoon in the barber shop. Yahoo! He looks much better with his haircut! ;-) Dinner was out tonight because B and I did Girl Scouts and we get done at 5:30. I can't do it all, so Panda Express did dinner for us tonight.

Day 8---Tuesday

This is my January bulletin board. I love this little penguin craft. I give the kids the pieces and show them my penguin. Whatever they make goes on the board. This year I didn't have anyone go too much outside the norm! Sometimes they come out very abstract.

At the top it says "We will listen and obey," which is our memory verse. I still want to put up a cute title on the board. Any suggestions?

Day 7---Monday

I was going to take a picture of these magnets in my classroom, and then a little hand shot into my frame! I just love colors and shapes. I probably have the right job!

Day 6---Sunday

Random sky picture!! I just love clouds.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day 5---Saturday

This is B and Texas Aggie women's basketball coach Gary Blair. Whoop!

B got to go to a basketball clinic for kids, hosted by and staffed by the women's team. B has enjoyed several games this season, but basketball isn't the sport she'd pick first. These clinics they offer every so often can give B a taste of the sport and she can meet the players she watches in games.

Go Aggies!

Day 4---Friday

This is the old dishwasher---I have no idea how old it is, but it's served it's purpose. I'll be happy to get it out of the house soon!

Day 3---Thursday

These are some of my favorite Christmas ornaments. New this year is the cursive E---I got it for B this year to remember that she learned cursive this year. (J got a silver french horn!) Also new is the little cardinal in a nest that one of my students gave me. The one on the far right I got for an ornament exchange party, but I forgot to take it! I actually love it so much I am glad I still have it.

Day 2---Wednesday

Larry and J got the lights off the house! Yea! The white cords were the new LED lights we had along the roofline, and the green cords wer the lights for the bushes.

That's a belt in the foreground made with B's new (from Santa) "Wonder knitter." I think Larry helped make this belt!

Day 1---Tuesday

I did what any southern gal would have done---I cooked up a mess of black-eyed peas for the New Year. My own concoction was simple---a bag of dried peas, one jalepeno (my Texas influence), leftover ham from Thanksgiving (which was frozen), some salt, some pepper. After getting the peas ready to simmer (I just followed the directions on the back of the package), I added all the stuff in a pot and simmered for about an hour and a half.

Happy New Year!

Day 364---Monday, the last day of 2007

This is what B and I celebrated with this New Year's Eve. Larry and J went ot a lock-in, so it was just us girls at home. It's non-alcoholic, and tasted like fizzy apple juice. Goodbye, 2007!