Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Photo 7

I took this one while stopped at a stop light. The sunset was so pretty, and the deer (statue) was an interesting silhouette. I wish I could have gotten another shot of the sunset, but I was rushing from one thing to another at this point.

January Photo 6

Here's the new dryer!! Now I can wash all those blankets you see. :-)

January Photo 5

B rides again! This is the very next day, and it was COLD!!

January Photo 4

Larry got B some training wheels, and she loves to ride her new bike. She'll be off them soon, I bet. It was really warm this day---temps in the 70s. Larry took this shot as he was coaching her.

January Photo 3

Here's B doing a layup, I guess! Larry took her to a basketball clinic with the #3 ranked Lady Aggie basketball team. I think this is in the new practice gyms in the new part of Reed Arena.

January Photo 2

It's J---heading out the door!

January Photo 1

The obligatory black-eyed peas for New Year's Day. This was a really good recipe! But I over cooked the peas before the rest of the recipe, so it was a little mushy. Just as tasty, though.

December photo 31

One last shot of our ornaments. That GHS ornament is a nod to my high school---I think my Mom got it for me. I like it.

Goodbye, 2008!

December photo 30

B spent her Christmas money gift on clothes. She got a pair of jeans and this outfit. It's been going back and forth between cold and very warm around here! Shorts are a good buy any time of year.

December photo 29

B and I were sorting out the buttons. We got this box of beautiful buttons at Tuesday Morning. Quite a bargain!

December photo 28

B made this birdhouse for Poppa (my dad). Maybe the birds who make nests on the porch will choose this lovely little house instead!

December photo 27

Somersault on the couch bed

December photo 26

The day after Christmas we went to Granbury to see the grandparents.

December photo 25

This is Christmas morning Santa stuff. Our rug makes it look crazier than it really is.

B got some gum, socks, lotion, and Easy Bake Oven cake mix in her stocking. Jamie got candy, Star Wars Christmas figures, a memory card for his new camera, man lotion, and pens. They got lots of stuff, each one lovingly picked out!

December photo 24

Christmas Eve was marred by B getting sick with strep throat and a trip to the doctor, but we were still able to give Santa some cookies. (B washed her hands first.)

December Photo 23

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care . . .