Friday, July 25, 2008

July Photo 25

This is still messy, but it shows the nice "wood" and how it looks with some of our furniture. I'll be putting things back for many days . . . but i am determined that this is a good time to get things sorted out nicely and not clutter it up too much again!

July Photo 24

I thought this might be the hardest part we did in our living/dining room, but it wasn't. The black edges are sticky, so they stick to the next piece we lay down. Larry's been really good about getting the seams to go together tightly.

July Photo 23

Here is one solid strip from the sliding glass door in the dining room to the front door. Our plan is to move the furniture off an area, we clean it up really good, and then put flooring dowm there. then we slide the furniture a little more, and do it again.

You can see we haven't done the edge of the wall are yet, but we'll get it later.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July Photo 22

Here is the very beginning of our project. It's vinal flooring---very easy to put in, can cut it with only a knife (no extra tools to buy), and we got 28 boxes within our budget. I think we're really going to make it happen. :-)

Lar and I are on a working vacation. He's off this week as the kids are off at camp. And I'm working on Tuesday, but off the rest of the week. We've been enjoying just being a couple again---or at least I have. :-) Larry can leave a comment if he feels otherwise.

We have not had a whole week alone since J was born---in 1995!
:-) I feel like a different person. :-) In a good way.

July Photo 21

Here is a carrot we grew in our school garden. This one's not washed yet, but the school kids were washing them and eating them right there. Ahhh . . . that's what it's all about! :-)

My class's corn plants didn't do as well as the carrots, but we got a couple of ears of corn.

July Photo 20

Today was our Camping theme at school. We had a couple of sleeping bags in the room, and the girls were sharing them---and going in head first, which is what's going on in this picture.

July Photo 19

Here is our truck after we bought the flooring. I don't know if you can tell, but it's sitting Much lower than usual. 28 boxes!

July Photo 18

This is our friend at the river at church camp. Many kids get baptized at camp---and she was one of them (long ago--she's a married lady now!). The swimming hole is just up river from there, and the kids swim there during camp.

July Photo 17

Here's B walking to her cabin at church camp. A girl has to Have her pink luggaage, doesn't she??

July Photo 16

I love how this shot came out---no flash during the show, remember! I think it is the final note they sang as a group---an encore of "Tomorrow." J is in the picture---but barely. He's behind the girl in the green dress.

July Photo 15

Here's J in the number "Easy Street" form Annie, Jr. The junior part is that this is a play made for kids ot put on, so it's condensed a bit and each part is do-able. The production was Great!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

July Photo 14

This is the answer to mystery picture #1 on the other blog. Water dripping off our roof. We got a heavy rain for about 20 minutes. Yahoo! This place where it drips is always a good place to collect rainwater for watering plants (If I had any going this year).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July Photo 13

Today I spent the gift card my friends gave me as I left my preschool job. They told me not to spend it on my kids. But J needed a bathing suit, so I picked up that. And shorts for B---but this means I can spend $25 there later without guilt, right? I got two things for my new school wardrobe---a pair of Lee khaki pants that is perfect (did you know they had "short petite," and I need that?), and a skirt that B said looked like a violin-playing skirt. It's a Simply Vera, Vera Wang pencil skirt that was originally $64, that I got for only $12.80. WoooooHoo!

July Photo 12

Title: The Devil is Beating His Wife
(Have you heard that phrase before?) :-)
This was the second day in a row that a spotty thundershower came over my neighborhood. And the unexpected result? My front door isn't sticking in the frame anymore. I guess the wet weather finally made things right again.

July Photo 11

Here's B, napping on the couch. She's my sleeping beauty.

July Photo 10

Here's J's favorite restaurant. And possibly his favorite thing to ingest----a Coke with no ice. A big one. ;-)

July Photo 9

Here's J in his Rooster Hannigan costume for his production of Annie with BV Troupe. He is/was performing it 6 times, 4 the first weekend, then 2 the next. He's quite funny, and is proud he gets to sing the best song in the show (according to him), Easy Street. Way to go, J!

July Photo 8

I'm using the dish I got for my birthday!
This is a "cheating" way of making chicken Parmesan. J had some at Fazoli's, and I thought, "I can make that!" I bought frozen breaded chicken breast patties, spaghetti sauce, and cooked up some spaghetti. I mixed up the cooked spaghetti with the sauce, put it in a dish, put the cooked patties on top, sprinkled liberally with Parmesan cheese, threw mozzarella all over the top, and put it in the oven. It really was yummy!

July Photo 7

Here's a picnic in progress. B is there in the front in a brown shirt.

July Photo 6

This was a picture from our Teddy Bear's Picnic at preschool. It was a fun day---I had found a lot of activities I thought were really fun.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July Photo 5

Here's what I like about hometown parades---the band!
Actually the band was really small. They can't make the students attend a parade in the summer----at least that was how it was when I was in. But also, there were several instrument-playing kids on another float---the local Democratic Party float!

July Photo 4

Here's J! I took this one before the parade in Granbury. Mom and Dad treated us to sitting at a restaurant along the route, with breakfast! The food was good---Mexican breads and egg/sausage/potato breakfast tacos. Yummy!
Three Stooges suspenders borrowed from Poppa.

July Photo 3

This is my best fireworks shot that really had some red, white and blue in it. :-) Lovely show, once again, by the shores of Lake Granbury!

July Photo 2

This one is only red, white, and blue because Dad is a little red in the face playing his valve trombone. We enjoyed going to his concert this Fourth of July.

July Photo 1

I like this house because we have gotten to stay there---like 10 years ago! ;-) We stayed here in our hometown when we looked for a house to live in. Anyway, it's all decked out in red, white and blue for the Fourth!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June Photo 30

These pictures were taken at school on Tuesday. I just thought their little hair decorations were so cute, I had to get them all! One picture is twins, I bet you can tell. Just love that!

June Photo 29

Here's our little friend from church. Patriotic colors, and he has dual citizenship---US (born here) and Australian (his parents are both from there). Either way, I guess he's sporting his country's colors.