Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cue the violin music

I am going to forget this blog until I can find my camera.

I lost it last Wednesday, so it's been a week, and I cannot find it. After spending more than a year taking pictures daily, I am severely handicapped. It really has become a habit to take pictures of everything, shoot a little video here and there, and have the luxury to capture and save my day-to-day life on that little camera of mine (sniff sniff). Lost. I feel lost without it.

So, until I can get another camera, or find the one that the kids were given or find my own lost camera, I'll say goodbye to this blog.


March photo 5

One last shot of our yard and neighborhood. You wouldn't believe how much excitement this caused around our town!

March photo 3

Of course, if you're a snow novice, you mucst try to catch some flakes on your tongue. You can't tell much by this picture, but there were big fluffy flakes coming down for 15 minutes. The blurs in the right side of the picture are really snowflakes.

March photo 2

This was taken with my camera phone on March 7th. We had a little bit of snow and it was such a surprise. B was the most excited.

March photo 1

This broken branch is hanging by another branch in the lot behind ours. Morbidly, I thought, it's like a person getting hanged swinging slightly in the breeze. Next good windstorm it'll come down I think.