Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 332---Thursday

This morning there was a beautiful sunrise. I took a couple of shots, and I liked this one the best. As you can see, the tree in front of my house has lost most leaves, but across the street, the trees have a bit more leaves on them. The branches in front almost look like black lightning bolts.

Day 331---Wednesday

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week! So this picture is from Thanksgiving night. These are my parents and my great Aunt. She lives kinda near them, so Dad went and got her for a meal.

Day 330---Tuesday

I thought this was an interesting shot. Those are B's hands with my little dish washcloths I made. It's a knitted pattern. I was giving them away this past weekend.

Day 329---Monday

J's in there somewhere in that sea of faces (on the top row). This is the honor roll crowd---the "All As and only one B" group. This is SO much better than the 1st six weeks grades. I'm glad he's "getting it" this six weeks! ;-)

Day 328---Sunday

These are the same kids again! Of course. There is nothing better to take pictures of! This is in the morning before my sister and family left.

Day 327---Saturday

Here are the kids and my sister's kids on Thanksgiving II. This wasn't Thanksgiving proper---it was dinner later.

Day 326---Friday

J had some birthday money saved up, and he decided he wanted his own tree for his room. He was glad to hear he could get one for about $10! He had some Star Wars ornaments form last year, and he bought a couple of packages of french horns, which he plays now. (You might have to enlarge them to see those!)
I couldn't leave out the one B put in her room. You can see her porcelain doll collection there on the chest of drawers. I got this tree from my grandmother one year (I think?), and I get it out every year and put it someplace. It turns around and plays a little song. It's for mini ornaments, of course.
But J had to get "the" picture of the day since he bought his own tree! ;-)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 325---Thursday, Thanksgiving

This is Larry's sis and B. B wanted to know how to crochet, so we asked if L' sis could teach both her and me. I think we got a good start. It's always easier if someone shows you rather than reading a book's instructions. We were at her house for Thanksgiving this year. It was a time of over eating and family fun. I didn't take a picture of our little cute (great) nephew!

Day 324---Wednesday

I posted this picture on my other blog for this Friday's Feast. B and I made this apple pie on Wednesday for eating on Thanksgiving. It's delicious! I used Granny Smith apples, by the way. People always ask!

Day 323---Tuesday

I have a hard time getting pictures of the rain to come out right. The rain was coming down pretty hard this afternoon, but the picture doesn't really show it very well. This is out the front door.

Day 322---Monday

This is the trivet I got in Fredericksburg for a souvenier. I like it a lot! I had never taken a picture of it, so here it is. :-)

Day 321---Sunday

I hope her Mommy will be okay with me sharing this one! We had a program at my school this night, and we sang some songs in front of the congregation. My class kind of froze in front of the big auditorium filled with people, except for one little boy who sang really loud. Thank goodness for him! This little cutie's Mom took this picture of us afterwards.

Day 320---Saturday

I finished this little dishcloth today. I am making quite a few---to give as little gifts this season.

I got these festive knitting needles for free at a Girl Scout leaders' meeting. Someone was cleaning out their craft closet and gave them away.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 319---Friday

This is the first day of the fall I have pulled out my favorite jacket. :-) I got this jacket for Christmas a couple of years ago, after searching a long time for the perfect fit. I even got it on sale--at Cato.

Day 318---Thursday

It's Star Student day in my class! I also got a new rug in my room. It's so colorful---the kids love it. It has all the fruit of the Spirit on there, in English and Spanish.

Day 317---Wednesday

The Girl Scout nuts are in, and I'm the NUT MOM. I take that title seriously! And a bit literally. By the time I am posting this, I have moved all the nuts of the other girls out of my house---whew! Now to gather the money!

Day 316---Tuesday

My car is old, and has carried me many places. I thought this number pattern would be worth mentioning---98989. I might not get to show you the 100000 during this year of photos!

Day 315---Monday

This is B's third grade school photo. The outfit and the hairdo were all her ideas, so it's just as she wanted it. She was happy with the photo. Good thing---this fall shot is the one that goes in the yearbook.

I had to scan it in---not that I want to infringe on any copyright Lifetouch has! As a commercial for Life touch, I have to say I have always gotten good photos from them, and I really like that each family can pick the background color and they add it in later. And so affordable! They really do take great school photos.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 314----Sunday

This was taken during The Great American Melting Pot, from J's show this past weekend---and this coming weekend, too! The show is Schoolhouse Rock, Live, Junior. J wears this costume for two songs (at least), and he was disappointed his hat looked like this when he saw the pictures. In his first song, the BIG part he wanted, he's the Bill. (I'm just a bill, yes, I'm only a bill, and I've got as far as Capitol Hill . . .) I'm glad to get a picture of the Statue of Liberty, too. This young lady is a friend to J; they really share a sense of humor (that frankly, few people possess!).
Congrats, J, on a job well done!
J did a blog post with some of the songs. It's long and weird, according to his commenters (classmates), but funny.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 313---Saturday

The second day at camp, the Parks and Rec majors at A&M worked a renaissance faire for us and we stayed outside all day. Here, B made a candle. She chose to make it a lot bigger, right after this. There were a lot of things to make and do all day. I am still tired today from all this activity! I will have to make a post about this on the other blog with all the cool pictures.

Day 312---Friday

We went camping on Friday night with our troop. There were 5 girls. This night we got our tents up, and it got dark before we'd even build a fire. we were out in the woods---but not far out from town. Actually, all night I coud hear cars on the highway, and for a while, airplanes (we were near our small airport).

This picture was in the morning, really. This was our camp, and the girls were watching B draw.

Day 311---Thursday

My class has a little hamster, but we got to visit with Roxanne, one of my co-workers' son's pets. The kids loved her, nd she was so cute when she held a cracker and nibbled it.

Day 310---Wednesday

B was climbing a tree after school. Again, we're trying to kill some time before J gets out!

Day 309---Tuesday

I learned a lot with J doing this project, an altar for Dia de las Muertas---Day of the Dead. It's a tradition for people in Mexico or other Latin American countries to set up these displays in their homes. J did his project on his Papa, who passed away in August.
The altars contain:
A photo
A cross
Food for the spirits returning (fruit and pan de muertos bread)---I thought it was interesting that the living are welcome to eat the food dedicated to the loved one. The spirit would return and eat the spirit of the food, and therefore, the food is there with no nutritional value.
A candle---and maybe an extra for a forgotten soul
Papel picado---cut paper; J and I made some miniature ones for the box
things to freshen up from his long trip from the spirit world---in this box, a comb
some candy that Papa would like
other things from Papa's life---a coin and a ribbon that had his Masonic symbols on them, and he used red and white colors to represent Axtell, where he lived a long time and was on the school board for a long time.

All in all, we wouldn't really believe in this spirit coming back to our home quite like this, but it was a good exercise in gathering things that were meaningful and special to us.

Day 308---Monday

Some of the Korean kids at my school.
They are very cutte. This little girl is a Mommy to all the kids in her class. The little boy in the striped shirt was crying because someone was hitting him (I think). She was comforting him.

Day 307---Sunday

This is J with a little something he had bought at a garage sale in our neighborhood the day before. He's very into Pandas, so he bought this along with a few other animals. The seller wouldn't break up the set so he could buy just the panda one! ;-)
Pandas---this too will pass!

Day 306---Saturday

I pick this one as the official picture of the day---B got to be a "ball kid" for the A&M women's team. This really meant she was a sweat-wiper-upper on the court.
But she enjoyed it, and got her face up on the big screen that day.
But also of note was who we were playing---the Chinese National Team. You can't tell really well from the picture, but these are some tall women! Imagine how they would stand out in their country!
In the end, the Aggies won. Whoop!

Day 305---Friday

The kids are on top of Larry's truck---tailgating before an Aggie soccer game. This was the last game of the season before playoffs, and our women's team is doing relaly well. J and I went home after the food and Lar and B stayed for the game.

Day 304---Thursday

B stayed home one more day from school, since she ran a fever in the night again. (I should not have let her go out to trick-or-treat!!!) Here's some of her body-parts candy.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 303---Wednesday Halloween

Happy Halloween! I have done this 2 years now---set up a little candle display in front of our glass door for Trick-or-Treaters to see when they walk up. J made a potion (in the glass bowl). Anyone without a costume was supposed to drink some to get some candy. No one had to---but one kid only got one little sucker from J!

Day 302---Tuesday

Happy Birthday, J!

We went to a hay maze, and J made a little video of his walk through it. His birthday, being a school night and busy with Troupe and homework and "stuff" wasn't all that extra-ordinary. I ordered Double Dave's Peproni Rolls for his dinner (they're 2 for one on Tuesdays, too!). I still owe him one pumpkin pie for his birthday dessert (in lieu of cake).

Here's the Hay Maze video:

Day 301---Monday

The Spooky Old Tree

Day 300---Sunday

Can you guess where this Q was? I have decided to try to collect the whole alphabet with my camera. I think I could use them to spell out my name for a header or something on MySpace. I don't know. It's something to keep me amused.