Monday, December 22, 2008

December photo 22

You may not know it, but this is Old Armadillo-----Armadillo Viejo. B and her classmates had a "reader's theater" and their group was doing the story they had translated into Spanish. She had the title role---and snored for most of the play. I will post a video of the end of the play on the other blog.

December photo 21

I have wanted my own advent calendar for many years. We've put together Legos out of their advent calendar for many years in a row, but not this year. We've done a countdown calendar before. And this year, with all my busyness, I didn't do anything like that at home. :-( But I had my eye on some Advent Calendars at Target since Thanksgiving, and since they went on sale, I got one I liked. Next year, I can be ready and add my own treats.

December photo 20

These are the gingerbread houses I made for B's class to decorate at her Christmas party. It takes a village!

December photo 19

I remember my sister at her cello recitals, and every year having to pick out a nice, big skirt for her to wear so she could get the instrument between her knees. B got lucky and got to wear black pants, but something of the elegance is gone. She had a recital with the junior high orchestra students and the String Academy students (4th and 5th grades) on Tuesday night. The boy to her left is a 5th grader, but the other cellist in her class didn't get to come! :-( I will post some video on the other blog.

December photo 18

We decorated little houses at our party. The kids had fun!

December photo 17

We made salt dough ornaments at school and painted them to give as gifts to the parents.

December photo 16

We had a kit to make a gingerbread house at school. They used it for a decoration at our Christmas program. Delicious, no?

December photo 15

I like the genuine laugh that I captured on this shot.

December photo 14

Here's our tree with just lights and the garlands. I love it already!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

December photo 13

J is wearing a favorite outfit (including his self-modified gloves) while he recovers from the fever.

December photo 12

I was trying to get a good photo of my backyard from my window. It seemed so cozy and wintery! And I was home with J, who was sick. It was a nice day. The snow was gone when the sunlight hit the yard.

December photo 11

We got snow on the 10th December! The ground was still so warm it didn't stick to the roads---so off to the mall for me! ;-)
I have more pictures on my other blog.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

December photo 10

This was out my front door. B and I marveled at it for a while before getting ready for school.

December photo 9

J is back there in the blue bathrobe. He's a "Wise Man" in this scene.

December photo 8

J amd Larry were in a show this weekend, THe Best Christmas Pagent Ever. J was one of the hooligans, and Larry played the husband of the lady directing the play. This girl was the main hooligan kid.

December photo 7

December photo 6

B and Larry

December photo 5

I got the kids all dressed up and took their pictures. I'm glad it was kinda warm, for B's sake, in her short-sleeved shirt.

December photo 4

the back of a building in Bryan

December photo 3

We had a pinata party at school this week!

Friday, December 5, 2008

December photo 2

You can't see J, but he's there on the second row. He's a french horn player, and this is the final bow after their Winter Concert.

December photo 1

I got to bring home Thanksgiving leftovers from our travels around the state. I thought Mom would be proud I had so many veggies on my plate, to go with the very heavy foods of Thanksgiving that we love to eat.

November photo 30

My parents' dog would like ot be a lap dog. Her head fits in B's lap, but that's about it.

November photo 29

This is the Thanksgiving spread at my Mom's and Dad's. We ate Thanksgiving on Thursday and then again on Friday. Heavy weekend!

November photo 28

This is Lar's niece and her son. They really look a lot alike! We saw them at Thanksgiving.

November photo 27

This is B's project about the sun. I liked how she got facts about the sun and putthem on the top with red wire. It was interesting!

November photo 26

B makes coathanger trees in her room before she gives me the hangers back.