Friday, February 29, 2008

February photo 28

Today was Pet Day at school. At the end of the day, the parents can bring their pets to share with the school kids. One of my students (whose Mom is a teacher next door to me) brought her pet horses. This is a mother/daughter team of horses, and in this shot is the mother horse.

February photo 27

Sand Angels

February photo 26

This was an experimental shot. I had the camera ready as J slid into the car after school, and just snapped the photo without looking in the viewfinder. Look at that blue sky!

February photo 25

This mask-making thing was all his idea---and the class followed him and had to make some more. I had the colored tape out for free art---and he did body art.

February photo 24

This is dinner, and it looked so good, I had to take a picture. B loves to eat those French's fried onions, so we tried the recipe on the package for the onion coating on chicken breasts. They're baked. Great green salad (I know---the dressing looks excessive in the picture, but that salad is piled up high!), steamed fresh green beans with garlic, and some discount, day-old bread from the grocery store. It really was yummy!

February photo 23

The Daytona 500 was this past weekend, so I found this veggie try at half price at the store. The veggies looked good still, so I snatched it up for me. I am sure I can find a use for this car-shaped tray in my classroom.

February photo 22

This is my new student that speaks no English. She's having a happy moment here in our Musikgarten class with a scarf.

February photo 21

Here's B and her friend.

February photo 20

I went with B and her friend to a Aggie women's basketball game. It was Girl Scout night, so the girls and immediate families got in for free. This is a distance shot with no flash, so it's pretty good!

February photo 19

I called this people line. I just find it interesting what kids will do when left to their own devices.

February photo 18

This is the water table---we got some new toys to go in it.

February photo 17

I tried a new recipe with these rice stick noodles. I didn't want to let this package go without taking a picture. I really like those three ladies.

February photo 16

Now we're onto the Pets theme at school, so I'm pulling out the Littlest Pet Shop to play with in class. B was kind enough to let us borrow them.

February photo 15

And so, for Pink Day at school, my hair has a pink streak.

February photo 14

It's Valentine's Day and Pink Day at school this week. Time to break out the candy----something they all are eager to do with me! This is preschool Math, making patterns. (patter-ens, as some of them say.) We don't eat the ones we're playing with, but I let them have a fe M&Ms when they get it right.

February photo 13

B took this one, but I had to include it because I really like how it turned out. I coached her, at least!

February photo 12

I like how this picture came out. Can you imagine a purple church? Here it is!

February photo 11

Loved this in the first church we were in that morning.

February photo 10

We went on the 10 Commandments Hike in Houston. loved it!

February photo 9

I like this shot from the ice cream place.

February photo 8

Here we are on Sticky Chins Day. Our family holiday celebrating Larry's and my first date. We always eat ice cream for supper that night. This time: Coldstone and pizza rolls for dessert.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

February photo 7

These 3 kids were looking at a Star Student board. I thought it was funny the way both of those kids are holding their Tinkertoy creations. And that they built matching ones!

February photo 6

I got a new student today. That's her in the red pants. She doesn't speak English. Her dad is here in graduate school. She did so well! She watched the kids play and copied whatever they did. It got her through the day pretty well. This picture is of clean-up time.

February photo 5

I am making lables for my shelves in the classroom. This is the car track.

February photo 4

Colorful musical instruments

February photo 3

This was one student's creation---some kind of vehicle. You can see my classroom CD collection in this shot. :-)

February photo 2

Skirts with Hearts

February photo 1

I'm trying out a new format for myself----since I got so far behind here this month. It was a combination of busyness and then the computer troubles.

This is the beginning of Valentines B was making.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 31---Thursday

This phone is about to go the way of the dinosaurs. Our land line has become obsolete (despite the warnings of my friends that when terrorists attack, the satellites will go first and we'll all be without phone service). We don't use it too much, and all long distance was on the cell phones anyway. This phone was costing me about $55 a month. We're going to add one more cell line for $10. The 3rd cell will be the home phone---in case one of the kids are home alone. The phone line will switch to data only---we gotta maintain the DSL service!

Day 30---Wednesday

Our playground is getting a new layer of mulch on it. Before we can spread it out, the kids are having a blast on the big pile. I took this picture out my classroom window of a younger class outside.

As a side note, I can't imagine why we have such big chunks in the mulch pile. Those are obviously swords, right? Who's in charge here?

Day 29---Tuesday

Here's one more about the blubber experiment. I have the whole explanation on Day 27. this little guy didn't want to even put his hands in the ice, much less the shortening. But he started with putting in one finger and then he got his whole hand in the icy water.

Day 28----Monday

Here's one boy with his hand in the "blubber."

Day 27---Sunday

I don't know what order you are reading these through---chronological or from the top of the blog to the bottom---so I'll say it here and at the top: I'm cheating a little bit on when these were taken. I was busy adn not taking pictures a lot this week.

This one happens to not be my photography, either. I was doing an experiment with the kids in my class, and I'm the grown-up there in the picture. Thjis experiment is about how arctic animlas can keep warm in the frigid icy temperatures they live in.

Step One: Feel icy water. See how long your hands want to stay in there!

Step Two: Ask the kids how they think animals stay warm. Explain to them about Blubber, or the layer of fat they have to keep them warm.

Step Three : Put their hand in a big baggie of "fat" (shortening), and then submerge their hand, baggie and all in the icy water. Ask them if they feel the cold or not.

This experiment made a lot of sense to me, and the kids seem to think it's neat. Well, not everyone wanted ot put their hands in the shortening, but they all felt the icy water.

Day 26---Saturday

This picture has appeared on the camera, and I know I wasn't the photographer!

Day 25---Friday

This was my day to do the grocery shopping. I got a glorious 1 and a half hours to browse through the Krogerand buy what I wanted to. I really do enjoy shopping and planning and finding the best deals----when I have the time and am not with the kids! They are big now and can run to another aisle for a forgotten item, but man, they bug me at the store. So it was a lovely day, filling the pantry shelves.