Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 363---Sunday

This is J's Heroscape game, which everyone in the family was playing this evening. J got a big set last Christmas, and in his after-Christmas shopping he found another big set marked down to $25 from $40. A great deal. The family enjoys this strategy game. It's complicated---I didn't want to get involved!

I thought 363 would end up being my last post of the year, since I missed the first two days of 2007. I just didn't take a single picture at all those two days, so I named my blog accordingly---Project 363. But here I am on Dec. 30th, and I'm going to have 364. I kinda figured I'd mess up counting the days somewhere along the line!

So for the other 365-ers, I wondered, are you going to do it again for 2008? Will you start a new blog for the new year or add onto the current one? Or is it just not worth it?

As for me and this blog, I think I want to keep going. And I plan on just keeping this blog for that purpose. So----Project 365---Round Two---coming up!

Day 362---Saturday

This is Dad's motorcycle with my kids sitting on it. It's weird that Jamie looks almost big enough to really ride it! It was a fun visit with my parents. We saw a movie the afternoon before (Alvin and the Chipmunks), Mom took me to her yoga class this morning, and we went out to eat this evening.

Day 361---Friday

The kids and I went to my Mom and dad's for the weekend. Larry got to go to a the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio with some friends. This is one of Dad's blow-up figures for his yard.

Day 360---Thursday

This is my favorite picture of the trip down to Moody Gardens. I had to post another one of the trip because Thursday was a slow day! The kids and I slept late after being out so late at night. Poor Larry had to go on back to work that morning.

Day 359---Wednesday

We went to Moody Gardens in Galveston on Wednesday night for their Festival Of Lights. Lar had won tickets from the radio station! It was about a 2 and a half hour drive down there. This is B in the Rainforest looking at the lights. Most of the lights display was outside, of course, but we got tickets that took us into the Rainforest Pyramid and also skate rental! Yay! B and I skated, the boys did not. It was a very windy night (which it always is at the coast), but it was also pretty cold, so the Rainforest Pyramid was a nice break form the elements.

Take a look at the website for Moody Gardens. This was our first visit, and we thought we'd like to go back in the summer.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 358---Tuesday Christmas!

This is B with her American Girl doll, Julie, from 1974. It was a Merry Christmas for us!
I wrote more about the whole day on my other blog on this post. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Day 357---Monday

Our tradition is to open one present on Christmas Eve. My Granny told me long ago (when J was still a pre-schooler), that she used to let my Dad open up presents early to keep him busy during Christmas time! It makes sense to me. :-) So we open one present in the morning of Christmas Eve, to keep us happy and busy during this day of beautiful anticipation. This is our J opening his present. He chose the one from his sister, which was a mini RoboPanda. I liked this picture because of his look of surprise and happiness. :-)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Day 356---Sunday

Today we went to L's side of the family's Christmas, out at the Campfire Camp. This is our great-nephew A. He got a Diego rescue tool.

Day 355---Saturday

It's Santa hat time!

These are my kids with their cousin S, my sister's little 2 and a half year old. We were at my Dad and Mom's house.

Day 354---Friday

Today was B's Christmas party at school, but the best part was her little play about Sarah Plain and Tall. B is the one on the far right. Her group used an American girl doll, B's dress she had for another doll (that looked sort of old-timey), two horses from someone else's home, a milk crate for the wagon she drove , and paper dolls for the other characters.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Day 353---Thursday

These are the Perler Bead ornaments that our Girl Scout troop made for Meals on Wheels for tray favors for Christmas. My own kids love perler beads, and are very creative without following a pattern. We got some new pegboards this year---candy cane, snowman, and Christmas tree.

Day 352----Wednesday

This is a picture from last week at B's Girl Scout meeting. I got this edible craft together for the troop, assembling the graham cracker houses ahead of time. Unfortunately, it is so humid here, the houses got SOFT! I baked them for a while and got them hard for the meeting. It worked great. I made the royal icing and put it in baggies for them, and got M&Ms, red hots, tiny candy canes and gumdrops for the girls to create with. It was a lot of fun.

Day 351---Tuesday

Here's another view of the tree in the sunlight. Can you see J's panda ornament he made this year?

Day 350---Monday

I am making granny squares while I watch TV these days. This is an afghan for me, sort of patterned after one my mom has. Color combos, anyway. I am trying to make all the combinations with purples right now. I did yellows already. I'm going to make one of each combination first, then probably make them all again to make enough to make a nice sized afghan. I like how the black makes the color pop!

Day 349---Sunday

This si one I'm sure J took. Why I don't know, and what's going on, I still don't know. But I do know these are the littlest Pet Shop figures and the other figures are from J's Heroscape game. It was some together time with B and J!

Day 348---Saturday

This is the window where our tree peeks out. I like it! Makes me feel cozy. :-)

Day 347---Friday

This is part of our staff party for my pre-school. We went to UPaint It, and you guessed it, I painted "it." I can't say what it is yet, but I took a picture for posterity. After this we went to one our houses and had an ornament exchange and some good laughs.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day 346---Thursday

I went to a party for the ladies at church, and this was in the hostess's home. Lots of Santas!

It was a fun party. It was potluck fingerfoods (I took a cheeseball and crackers), and a $10 Chinese Christmas gift exchange. I took a little snowman knicknack thing (very cute), and came home with Christmas towels for the bathroom---blue.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day 345---Wednesday

The most momentous occasion of all happened today---J was able to bring home his instrument for the first time. yea! He sounds really good to me. :-) I did take a little video, but I won't share it here---the family can see it later! ;-)

Day 344---Tuesday

Ths little girl loves to have her picture made, and apparently to take pictures as well. She's a fun gal to be around!

Day 343---Monday

This one's blurry, but I must blame it either on the lady who took it for me, or the fact that I did not make sure the flash would fire. I'm a bit washed out!

This is again from Saturday, at the library. I took pictures these days, but I took pictures of the kids in my room, and I just don't want to show their faces. So you get to see the good ones I took all in one day! ;-)

Day 342---Sunday

I didn't take a picture today really, so here is another image from Saturday. This is a part of the Berlin Wall. I really like the horses!

Day 341---Saturday

B and I went to the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library for Scout Day today. She got in free, and there was free Christmas treats and singing of various groups. It could have been a whole troop event, but I just took B this time.
These are pictures of the White House miniature exhibit. This is not here all the time, but travels around the country. We were lucky enough to visit when they were decorated for Christmas. Click on the link for a bigger picture.
This has to be the set of pictures I use for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt on my other blog---the theme is small. :-)

Day 340---Friday

We assembled our tree tonight---yes, it's fake. Sorry for all you guys who think that is wrong somehow. I have allergies, and a live tree is out of the question. PLus, I didn't have to spend money on a dead tree! I think this one is about 5 years old.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 339---Thursday

We had some Christmas free dance this morning, and this is the tippiest toes I've ever seen! :-)

Day 338---Wednesday

It's been a really tiring week already!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 337----Tuesday

I think this one's anonymous enough to share! Today was green day, and I put out blue paint and yellow paint. They mixed it to amke their own green paintings. The kids wore their green clothes and brought green things for show and tell. This little outfit was so cute! You should have seen the pants.

Day 336---Monday

I made this scrunchy this evening. It's crocheted. Mostly it's a chain stitch and then you crochet the chains to a ponytail holder. Really easy! I'm now teaching myself to crochet. My goal is to do granny squares and eventually make an afghan.

Day 335---Sunday

This isn't pretty, but this is where the tree is going to go. Yes, still no carpet or flooring for us! But with a tree skirt and presents, maybe it'll distract from that weird brown stain we uncovered. It's from some kind of stain can I think---it has a rectangle ring in it!?!

Day 334---Saturday

These are our Webkins. The kids and I went and bought 3 today! From left to right there is Panda, Bananas, Pamperr (B's original---a gift from a friend), and Larry.

Day 333---Friday

This is the picture I meant to post for the saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt I do on my other blog. The theme was red, and this is some of my kitchen things. Things I LOVE!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 332---Thursday

This morning there was a beautiful sunrise. I took a couple of shots, and I liked this one the best. As you can see, the tree in front of my house has lost most leaves, but across the street, the trees have a bit more leaves on them. The branches in front almost look like black lightning bolts.

Day 331---Wednesday

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week! So this picture is from Thanksgiving night. These are my parents and my great Aunt. She lives kinda near them, so Dad went and got her for a meal.

Day 330---Tuesday

I thought this was an interesting shot. Those are B's hands with my little dish washcloths I made. It's a knitted pattern. I was giving them away this past weekend.

Day 329---Monday

J's in there somewhere in that sea of faces (on the top row). This is the honor roll crowd---the "All As and only one B" group. This is SO much better than the 1st six weeks grades. I'm glad he's "getting it" this six weeks! ;-)

Day 328---Sunday

These are the same kids again! Of course. There is nothing better to take pictures of! This is in the morning before my sister and family left.

Day 327---Saturday

Here are the kids and my sister's kids on Thanksgiving II. This wasn't Thanksgiving proper---it was dinner later.

Day 326---Friday

J had some birthday money saved up, and he decided he wanted his own tree for his room. He was glad to hear he could get one for about $10! He had some Star Wars ornaments form last year, and he bought a couple of packages of french horns, which he plays now. (You might have to enlarge them to see those!)
I couldn't leave out the one B put in her room. You can see her porcelain doll collection there on the chest of drawers. I got this tree from my grandmother one year (I think?), and I get it out every year and put it someplace. It turns around and plays a little song. It's for mini ornaments, of course.
But J had to get "the" picture of the day since he bought his own tree! ;-)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 325---Thursday, Thanksgiving

This is Larry's sis and B. B wanted to know how to crochet, so we asked if L' sis could teach both her and me. I think we got a good start. It's always easier if someone shows you rather than reading a book's instructions. We were at her house for Thanksgiving this year. It was a time of over eating and family fun. I didn't take a picture of our little cute (great) nephew!

Day 324---Wednesday

I posted this picture on my other blog for this Friday's Feast. B and I made this apple pie on Wednesday for eating on Thanksgiving. It's delicious! I used Granny Smith apples, by the way. People always ask!

Day 323---Tuesday

I have a hard time getting pictures of the rain to come out right. The rain was coming down pretty hard this afternoon, but the picture doesn't really show it very well. This is out the front door.

Day 322---Monday

This is the trivet I got in Fredericksburg for a souvenier. I like it a lot! I had never taken a picture of it, so here it is. :-)

Day 321---Sunday

I hope her Mommy will be okay with me sharing this one! We had a program at my school this night, and we sang some songs in front of the congregation. My class kind of froze in front of the big auditorium filled with people, except for one little boy who sang really loud. Thank goodness for him! This little cutie's Mom took this picture of us afterwards.

Day 320---Saturday

I finished this little dishcloth today. I am making quite a few---to give as little gifts this season.

I got these festive knitting needles for free at a Girl Scout leaders' meeting. Someone was cleaning out their craft closet and gave them away.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 319---Friday

This is the first day of the fall I have pulled out my favorite jacket. :-) I got this jacket for Christmas a couple of years ago, after searching a long time for the perfect fit. I even got it on sale--at Cato.

Day 318---Thursday

It's Star Student day in my class! I also got a new rug in my room. It's so colorful---the kids love it. It has all the fruit of the Spirit on there, in English and Spanish.

Day 317---Wednesday

The Girl Scout nuts are in, and I'm the NUT MOM. I take that title seriously! And a bit literally. By the time I am posting this, I have moved all the nuts of the other girls out of my house---whew! Now to gather the money!