Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 1-25

Here's my second catching up post. November stuff I took pictures of:

B was interested in heritage photos

My car is making patterns with the numbers on the odometer. I can't help but notice them.
I made a rainbow for letter R with each child making a segment of the rainbow.

The train. At the library, you're literally a few feet from all that power. It's kinda scary!
B at the Scout House with her new American Girl mini doll

J taking a picture of the mirror

J was in Flashback Fever. My other blog has more photos!
I was waiting for the train to pass one night. If you're an Aggie, do you know where I was sitting??

Turkey cookies for snack.

We put our thankful thoughts into a box this month. here are all our ideas on the table.

Another shot at school---writing on the white board is a rare treat for them!

B and the pecan pie she helped me make (before it got baked!). We sent it up to J's school for the teacher drawing right before Thanksgiving. Throughout the day, they drew teachers' names, and they then got to go to the library and pick a pie that someone from the PTO had brought up. I don't know who got ours, but sure would like to.

My necklace I bought for myself. I just totally love it. There are earrings to match that I didn't get, but if I ever get invited to a Premiere jewelry party, I will get them!
B got 1st place at the district meet for Art Memory!! Go girl!!

That's it--until I post this week's photos!

October Photos

I am catching up!! I am so far behind that I am just starting with a photo a day on Thanksgiving. However, I have some October pictures to share----
Before crazy hair day (braids in hair overnight to create waves that next day)

mini-Pumpkin carving

I can't share many school photos, but this one is safe.

J and B went to the TROUPE lock-in---J in his straight jacket, B, his nurse, with a giant shot.

J and Larry were in "Dirty Dealings in Dixie," a Gone with the Wind spoof melodrama.

Rhett and Scarlett

J and Lar in the same scene. Lar was the villain, J was Ashley.

Lar about to be shot----or was he?
I caught this guy driving on the road with his 4-wheeler. I am annoyed by him, and now I can send this to the cops??? I was inside my house, looking through the door to get this sneaky shot!

Another school shot. I made a number line. Red dots for even numbers, next will be blue for multiples of 3.
This school shot shows our calendar. We add a weather report on each day we come, and at the end of the month, we do a graph. What did we have the most of? Sunny or cloudy?

Dusk shot---of the neighborhood bar. Never been there, of course, but I liked the neon sign as contrast to the light in the sky.

This is our new police station in Bryan. I love the way the lights look at night.

Next post? November 1-26.