Saturday, September 27, 2008

September Photo 27

Here she is! We got a half-size cello this afternoon. She has a CD to play along with, and her instructor said they were not allowed to use the bow yet. It's plucking the strings only! He also said to not mess with any of the tuning---but this instrument was Very out of tune on one string. She was only playing two notes on open strings, but I couldn't help myself---I had to fix the A string. He can fix it better for her on Tuesday.

Didn't Rachel sit on that chair to play, too??

September Photo 26

Our class watched the nurse---our Community Helper of the week. They paid a lot of attention to her---and she did a great presentation.

September Photo 25

We had to pull out MY 1970s Easy Bake Oven as well. Quite a contrast! I wonder if it would still work, but I'm afraid to plug in something that old and plastic-y!

September Photo 24

It's her birthday, and she'll bake if she wants to!

September Photo 23

September Photo 22

I'm in the car.
With a camera.
Waiting for J to finish his activity.
And this is my product.

September Photo 21

I took this picture during Art this week. I cropped it to protect that child's identity! But look what's going on in the background.

September Photo 20

I caught J napping this week, too.

September Photo 19

We got some things for B's new after-school activity.

September Photo 18

After a sleepover on Friday, B couldn't stay awake for the Aggie game on the 20th. But Ol' Sarge is near . . .

September Photo 17

When I took this one, I intended it to be just a "neighborhood view." I should have used it on my Photo Hunters blog post from this morning! The theme today was view. Instead, I got in the Way Back Machine. ;-)

September Photo 16

Here's a bug of some kind that jumped on my shoe after this shot. Yes, it's focussing on the mailbox instead of the bug!

September Photo 15

This one's called-----

Monday, September 15, 2008

September Photo 14

Oh my! I'm caught up for the month! I just have to take one picture today to stay current.

J took this one of me yesterday. Not the best angle for my chin. Hmmm . . .

September Photo 13

On our way home, we stopped in Glen Rose to take this picture. I hadn't noticed this statue in the courthouse square before. This is a representation of Juana and Charles, the first settlers in Glen Rose.

September Photo 12

I did crop this one. They hummingbirds were kind of leery of us humans around their feeders.

September Photo 11

September Photo 10

Mom's hens and chicks are putting out a flower---and a few more to come. We spent some time in the beautiful cool temperatures on the patio in Granbury.

September Photo 9

Mom and Dad's sage bushes bloomed after the rains, adn they were humming with Bees.

September Photo 8

We hit the road for Hurricane Ike. The kids were out Friday, and I woke up early and packed. We went north and west to my Mom and Dad's. At that time, they were saying it would be 80 MPH winds and certain power outages.

September Photo 7

I was in the backyard, taking "before" pictures of the trees and yard, and looked up at the beautiful sky. Love it!

I know I was going crazy. My brain always goes to a worst case scenario, so I was sure that a tree was goign to fall on our house in Hurricane Ike.

September Photo 6

September Photo 5

This is my after picture. If you look back to August Photo 15, you'll see the before. These are our letter O projects that pop out at you---octopi with Cheerios for the suckers on the tentacles.

September Photo 4

We also got to see the firefighters at our school. They did the same routine I saw in pre-school, but the kids paid attention very well, which I took to mean they were interested.

September Photo 3

Here's my good idea that's really working. We use this white board as a magnet board. I have little strips of cardstock for the different subjects we do during the day. I have one student do the job of time keeper, and we move an arrow down the list as we move through the day. The kids very quickly stopped asking "what's next?" and "when is lunch" because I just had to refer them to the board.

September Photo 2

We got to visit with a motorcycle cop at school this week.

September Photo 1

We are working on a "Caring for Children" badge at Girl Scouts. This was our first meeting of the year and we have some new girls. This of course is diapering.

August Photo 30

Our neighbor had two trees die in his front yard, and ahead fo Hurricane Gustav, he cut them down. All by himself! I could have sent Larry out there, but he was working an Aggie game. Working on his birthday, even. But it was a great place for him to be. Even with the loss.

August Photo 29

B took this photo for us. It's our rating of the restaurant Pyro.

August Photo 28

Here's Larry, eating that birthday dinner . . .

August Photo 27

That's mine!! Number 22!!

We went to Pyro on TX Avenue, near LaRiviera, where the Hooter's was going to be---you know where I mean. Just south (towards College Station) of where Wal-Mart used to be. There are so many times in this town when I use a landmark of a place that used to be someplace. People know what I am talking about. I think.

I had gotten a gift certificate for $25 that was worth $50, so we used it for Larry's birthday. We liked it! You get to make your own meal with your own choice of meat and veggies, and then you add your choice of sauces. I'd recommend adding more sauce than you think you need. All 4 of us were too conservative in the sauce area.

August Photo 26

We finally got to give Larry his plate on his birthday. J found the little Gig 'Em hand in the add-on section, and it truly was the perfect addition to the gift. Next up----B's plate!

August Photo 25

It's naptime and I thought this one might never go to sleep. The trick with this guy is to make him get still! ;-)

August Photo 24

Here's a picture J did for me. I need to add it to my MySpace page, he says.